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Tips for Searching

Query Terms
By default, CFNC Search (powered by Google) returns only pages that include all of your search terms. You do not need to include 'AND' between terms. The order of search terms affects the search results. To further restrict a search, just include more terms. 

CFNC Search may ignore common words and characters such as where and how and other digits and letters that slow down a search without improving the results. 

If a common word is essential to getting the results you want, you can include the word by putting a plus sign (+) in front of it. Make sure to include a space before the plus sign. For example, to ensure that Google includes the 'I' in a search for 'Star Wars Episode I', enter the search query as follows: 

Star Wars Episode +I 

Special Characters: Query Term Separators
By default, non-alphanumeric characters in a search query separate the query terms in the same way as space characters. The following characters are exceptions: 

double quote mark (" ) : Used as a special query term for phrase searches as described sign (+) : Treated as a Boolean ANDminus sign or hyphen (-) : Treated as part of a query term if there is no space preceeding it. A hyphen that is preceded by a space is the Exclude Query Term operator.decimal point (.) : Treated a query term separator unless it is part of a number (e.g., 250.01).ampersand (&) : Treated as another character in the query term in which it is included. 
If a document contains a number, with or without a decimal point, that has letters immediately before or after it, the letters are treated as a separate word or words. For example, the string 802.11a is indexed as two separate words, 802.11 and a.